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Living Room Obedience - When It Is Too Cold To Go Out

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Do you feel confined in your dog activities because of these arctic temps? I work with my own dog daily and have found myself challenged to keep going in these temperatures. However, at the end of the day, it is amazing what one can accomplish on a 5 by 7 area rug right at home, in the living room.

Mental stimulation tires a dog equally or more than physical exercise. Thus, it truly doesn’t take a spacious setup and a big production to engage with your dog and keep it happy and balanced.

A few things one could do not straying too far from that couch:

Impulse control for sits/downs/stand stays - is your dog a pro at these skills in the house? Make it harder! Lay food or toys around your dog. Make noises. Move vigorously. Stay is stay...,

Focus exercises- work just on engagement eye contact. Move food about. Move your arms. Let your dog not look away. Build up duration/add distraction to develop stamina.

Tricks- paw shake, roll over, bump backs, spins, weave through legs, speak/quiet on command, jump up and get off on cue.

Perch work- front legs on a perch, work on positions in front of you, next to you. Send your dog to the perch, increase distance.

Lateral movements- next to you, in front of you.

Happy training! Stay warm!

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