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Foundation & Advanced Skills | Reactivity | Skills Maintenance | Weight Loss


In kennel training provides a structured environment for your dog with clear boundaries, a well defined training schedule, and a well managed feeding routine.  This structure allows us to tailor your dog's learning process most effectively.  In Kennel Training has many benefits:

  • Owner may not want to participate in the dog's learning process and simply seek to have a well behaved dog after basic training has been accomplished away from home. 

  • Owner may have specific behavioral problems with their dog which he/she feels overwhelmed to correct on their own.

  • Owner participates in the dog's learning process but wants the dog's training experience to continue while the dog is boarded. 

  • Canine Weight Loss Program.

  • Skills Maintenance


Our in kennel training service is a custom suite which builds on boarding amenities with a customized training curriculum and time frame.  Desired training components can range from puppy foundation skills, to behavior problems, potty training, to challenging aggression.

In our overnight In Kennel Training model, dogs are boarded in our kennels while training objectives are met.  In order to ensure a balanced daily routine, in kennel training includes scenic walks, structured play sessions, and several training sessions as needed and per thorough discussion with the owner.  A transfer session guides the owner to take over training maintenance after the dog returns home.


You may make a reservation for in kennel training by emailing or calling us, by contacting us on this site, or by booking online.  When booking online, select the start date of your in kennel training stay and specify the desired date range in the form.  In kennel training is not available during Boarding Peak times. See boarding page for those dates. 

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