Happy Staycations for Your Dogs



​Our comprehensive boarding amenities are a benchmark in the community.  The following is included in the boarding fee:

  • Climate controlled kennels

  • Indoor Kennels

  • Kennels have 15' long covered outdoor run

  • ​Kennels are separated by a solid wall

  • Kennels of varying sizes

  • Large, fenced in exercise area on natural grass

  • Dogs are exercised off leash 4 times daily

  • Kennels are spot cleaned daily and disinfected after each dog

  • Dog Play with other friendly dogs

  • No fee distinction regardless of dog breeds and kennel size

  • We welcome intact dogs

  • Medications are given as instructed

  • Owner resides on premises​

  • Country setting on 4 fully fenced acres



  • Owner brings own food for their pet's stay

  • ​Bedding & chew toys are welcome

  • No mats with rubber backing, please!

  • The pet's crate is welcome

  • Boarding charge is noon to noon

  • A surcharge applies for drop offs before noon and for pickups after noon.

  • One night stays are limited to existing clients

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  • Prepackaged meal size portions (ziploc bags), airtight container, or one larger ziploc bag, please.  

  • Only bring the amount of food which is needed for the stay (1 gallon Ziploc holds 16 cups of food).

  • Food in plastic bags, unopened food bags, or food bags in excess of what is needed are not accepted. 

  • Extended Stays: In cases where too little food is prepared, please use an online vendor such as Amazon or Chewy to order more food with delivery to Applied Canine Behaviors



We require proof of current vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordatella. Puppies who have not had their Rabies shot yet due to age are still welcome!



Please pay in full when you pick up your dog.  You are welcome to pay when you drop off.  Deposits are not required when making a reservation.  We accept cash, checks, all credit cards, and Venmo (Applied Canine Behaviors).

Extended Stays: 

Boarders staying longer than 14 days will be charged 1/2 of the dog's full stay at drop off.

Boarders staying for 30+ days are expected to pay in full at drop off.



Flexible drop off and pickup is an extension of ACB’s personalized service offering.  We are open by appointment within the hours of 7:30am to 9pm, daily.  When clients and I agree on an optimal drop off and/or pickup time, I guarantee my availability within a 15 min grace period.  For delays greater than 15 min, a new appointment time needs to be established.  Appointment times are strictly enforced.  We reserve the right to charge a $30 fee for delays greater than 15 mins.



Boarding Rates Per Night​ - Noon to Noon

1 dog | $40.00

2 dogs | $65.00

3 dogs | $90.00

4 dogs | $110.00

Remote Handle Dogs | $50.00 (limited to clients who train with me)


Early Drop Off and Late Pickup Fees

(Fees apply to boarders, not trainers)

1 boarder | $15

2, 3 or 4 boarders | $25

  • Example 1 - 

    You drop off your dog on the way to the airport at 9am Monday and pick up your dog Thursday at 9am.  You incur 3 nights boarding charges plus a $15 pre noon drop off charge.

  • Example 2 - 

    You drop off 2 dogs Monday at 5pm and you pick up your dogs Thursday at 3pm.  You incur 3 nights boarding charges plus a $25 post noon pickup charge.

  • Example 3 - 

    You drop off your dog Monday at 9am and you pick up your dog Thursday at 7pm.  You incur 3 nights boarding charges plus a $15 pre noon drop off charge plus a $15 post noon pick up charge

​15+ min Late Fee | $30



Structured Play | 10-30 mins | $15 

Scenic Walk | ~ 30 mins | $5 

*Add Ons included for Trainers



A minimum 3 night boarding charge ($105.00) is incurred for stays during the following peak times.  Early dropoff and late pickup fees still apply as usual:
November 19 through November 28, 2021
December 17 through January 3, 2022
March 11 through March 20, 2022
November 18 through November 27, 2022
December 19 through January 1, 2023



You may make a boarding reservation by calling or emailing us, by contacting us on this site or by booking online.  When you book online, you reserve the start date of your boarding stay and specify the exact dates for boarding in the form.  Unless you book online, please complete the Registration form and bring it to your appointment. The registration form provides us with important information to safely care for your dog.