“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”



$135 for 6 Week Course

Playful introduction of group dynamics for your 3-9 months old puppy.  This class will teach magnet games, 'Check It Out', effective toy play, and addresses household manners, as well as basic obedience skills.  Dogs have dog play interactions at the end of each session.


$135 for 6 Week Course

For handlers with inexperienced, older, or newly adopted dogs (9+ months of age). This class addresses focus, lose leash walking, leave it, sit, down, stay, recall, novelty bravery, finish, intro to toy play, and relationship building.


$135 for 6 Week Course

This course builds on basic obedience by finessing basic skills, introduces low level jumps, polishes heeling, heavier novelty bravery, stand position, finish position, and intro to drive building exercises.


$135 for 6 Week Course

Rally-O Novice is for handler-dog teams with foundation skills who completed a basic obedience course. 


$135 for 6 Week Course

Rally-O Advanced builds on Novice.  It is recommended that Handler Dog teams have completed a Rally Novice class or have robust basic obedience skills to participate.


$135 for 6 Week Course

Rally-O Excellent builds on Advanced.  It is recommended that Handler Dog teams have completed an Advanced level obedience-, or Rally Advanced class to participate.


$175 for 5 Week Course

In Drive Building, we use motivational games, effective teasing, and controlled restraint to build a more driven dog. This workshop is for anyone interested in working on an advanced training relationship with their dog.

Benefits of Drive Building:

  • More intensity in the work

  • Achieves faster behaviors

  • More attentive

  • Becomes more tolerant of environmental stimuli

  • Taught to turn on and off, thus enabling control of nuisance behaviors

Drive Building is very rewarding. In the process of bringing our dogs to a higher state, we usually gain much insight into what motivates them, how they like to play, and which motivators they like more over others. 1st session in course is lecture.


$175 for 5 Week Course

Tracking (scent detection) is a rewarding way to engage with your dog.  All dogs have a desire to smell things and explore the world through their noses.  This Tracking Workshop will give you the methodical tools to teach your dog how to detect scent foot print by foot print.  Tracking is fun, confidence building, and mentally stimulating for dogs of all kinds and ages. 1st session in course is lecture.  Classes except lecture session are held outside regardless of weather.

Group Classes meet for one hour per week, as scheduled.  Full Schedule can be viewed in the "Book" menu.  We will train inside or outside, weather permitting. Bring your dog on a regular leash and a flat collar.  No flexi, please.  Harnesses and gentle leaders are OK.  Bring lots of treats to each class! Intact dogs are welcome to participate.  You may book our group classes by emailing or calling us, by contacting us on this site, or by booking online.  Unless you book online, please also complete the Registration form and bring it to your appointment.

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