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... is deeply rooted in our belief that effective engagement between you and your dog is not only a critical link to accelerated learning, but also a very rewarding process for both. We pour our experience and heart into establishing a setting which helps you succeed with desired training results and ultimately achieve an empowered relationship with your dog.

We exercise the same commitment and compassion for our boarding guests. Whether you wish to board your companion pet, your actively competing sport dog, or a dog with specific needs, we have the passion, experience, and amenities to provide a safe and caring boarding experience which not only meets your high expectations but leaves you at peace when entrusting your beloved pet in our care.



Applied Canine Behaviors' values are fully engrained in all services we offer:

  • We are COMMITTED to treat you and your dogs professionally, courteously, and with respect.

  • We are INVESTED to offer effective training tools to meet your personal training objectives.

  • We are DEDICATED to provide a superbly clean and safe facility.

We are Applied Canine Behaviors, LLC.

Sandra and Hexe -043.jpg


Sandra Groschwitz has actively trained dogs since 2003 when she first acquired a German Shepherd for Schutzhund, a German versatility sport. All of Sandra's GSDs are training to compete. By learning many hard and easy lessons while training her own dogs along with numerous client dogs over years, Sandra gained a lot of experience in converting theoretical training concepts into realistic, practical, and reliable results. Sandra appreciates the active relationship one can enjoy with their dog and knows it takes both compassion and clear communication to work through challenges. With almost 20 years of experience, Sandra is one of the most experienced, professional resources in the Bloomington area to help you with basic manners and obedience skills, problem behaviors, aggression issues, or any other challenges you face with your dog. Sandra's enthusiastic, positive, and energetic personality helps even timid and hesitant dogs warm up to her right away.   She makes the training experience safe, fun and clear for both owner and dog.



Our training building offers almost 700 square feet of training space with 3/4" thick mats and mirrors along 3 walls.  2 separate areas house our 14 spacious kennels - all of which include covered outside patios!  A separate crate room isolates very fearful or shy dogs, or dogs who do better in a smaller space. An additional room accommodates the grooming tub, washer/dryer, fridge/freezer and a restroom. An abundance of various training aids is available - any imaginable training situation can be simulated with our generous setup.  We offer treadmill exercise, exit baths, scenic walks on our 4 acres paradise, structured play sessions, in kennel training, dog interactions, lots of personal attention, and many group and private training formats.

Our beautiful property in country setting simply makes any dog happy and relaxed.  We train outside on grass or indoors.  There is plenty of room to run safely.  The entire property of 4 acres is fully fenced.

We encourage tours to allow you to fall in love with our pet care gem as much as we do!

OUR PACK - current and past




born Feb 2023

Sirius is my new sport prospect who came to me from the North of Germany.  He is of very strong sport lines.  His grand-dad is Hexe's dad. You see Sirius featured in our videos as I raise him to be a safe and polite family companion and upcoming IGP competition dog. His call name is inspired by Harry Potter's Sirius Black.  His registered name is Animagus vom grimmigen Hauself! 



10 x IPO3

born Sept 2016

First time competitor '21 Working Dog Championship
2nd best Obedience at '21 IPO Nationals

2nd best female ‘22 IPO Working Dog Championship

5th place ‘22 Regional IPO Championship

Hexe is my current competition dog.  We hope to have another competition season in us while I train my puppy Sirius. This precious female remains a 1-in-a-million dog and our journey as a team continues to hold so much value for me. Hexe is a Henrik vom Wolfsheim daughter. Her call name Hexe is the German word for Witch!



born April 2018

I raised Crew and did IPO Puppy Foundation with him with goals to return him to his owner. A changed path allowed us to keep Crew.  While he is not actively training for IPO, we could not imagine family life without him.  He keeps us balanced and entertains us with his goofy antics all the time. Crew is a Tschako vom Waellerhorst son.  He is Hexe's half brother.



over Rainbow Bridge 2016

My heart dog.  The ONE. I still cry when I talk about him.  Pitu came at a delicate time in my life, and although he was the last male left in the litter, I firmly believe he was left because he waited for me. What followed was a phenomenal connection and journey I will always cherish.  He opened my eyes to an entirely different level of training.  My experiences with Pitu inspired me to follow my gut to start ACB.  Pitu is a Conner von Staatsmacht son.  Godspeed, Pitu.



over Rainbow Bridge 2017

Kinzig was a very intense dog with drives so crazy, it was very challenging to make training progress. We never were able to compete, as his young adult life was marked with health issues.  He had a bad back which I corrected with expensive surgery, just for him to pass of a very aggressive lung tumor 6 months later.  He was 4. Kinzig is a Conner von Staatsmacht grandson. He is Pitu's half brother.



Over Rainbow Bridge 2013

I adopted Sydney, an Australian Cattle Dog, as a 5 year old adult.  Never did I imagine how much I could fall in love with this breed. Although I did the IPO BH with him, he was mainly a companion pet, my wing man for mowing, and my front seat passenger on errand runs.  He had a very spunky, bold personality and all the traits an ACD should have. He made me appreciate what "tenacious" really meant.



IPO BH, OB1, OB2, TR1, TR2
over Rainbow Bridge 2007

Janka started it all for me in 2003.  She was not an easy first dog.  She did not have strong nerves, was reactive, and didn't care much for food or toys.  I refused to settle on those terms and had to get creative with a steep learing curve to turn this dog around - with success.  She competed, became neutral to dogs, and embraced toy play and food.  Not realizing it at the time, Janka became a crucial milestone for me as a trainer.

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