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Jumping on People and Counter Surfing - Different Problems, Same Solution

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Jumping on people when greeted and counter surfing are two common problems with our dogs.

Although they are different scenarios, they truly demand the same solution. When we stop while walking, or when we stop to say hello to our friend, our dog should be trained to sit next to us. With a few repetitions, the dog then will automatically sit next us as soon as we stop, regardless what or who approaches us.

By the counter, the only acceptable position in training is a Sit. This includes training scenarios in which we intentionally place a hot dog on the counter edge. Use a leash to help you control what those front feet are doing. Reward sitting from your hand.

If we train for that perfect sit when we meet strangers or the counter, we strongly reduce the likelihood of jumping up in a real scenario. Even if our dog is super excited when we are out of the training context, they may stand (and not sit) but certainly are less likely to jump.

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